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Dr. Elton has spent significant time finding the best quality and most effective supplements for our patients. Often these supplements cost more than those at a drugstore, health food store or on Amazon. You get what you pay for. The products we carry contain only high quality ingredients without unnecessary, and potentially harmful, fillers such as corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and dyes.  


Nutrients come in different forms. Using physician grade products allows us to prescribe nutrients in the forms that are most beneficial to each patent in order to elicit the optimal effect. Additionally, the active ingredients are present at a higher amount in physician grade supplements when compared to other products


The FDA does not regulate supplements therefore there is no guarantee that the ingredients listed on the label are actually in the product. At Live Well Natural Medicine, we only work with reputable companies who test and quality guarantee their ingredients and products. This means when we prescribe a supplement to you, we know how much of a particular nutrient you are consuming.


Although Amazon is convenient for quick delivery of various items,

we do NOT recommend buying supplements on Amazon.

There are numerous examples where a patient finds the "same" product 

on Amazon at a cheaper price, however after taking the Amazon version (even the same brand), their symptoms worsen or new symptoms appear (feeling acutely ill, acne, hot flashes, etc.).

Healthy Diet

When you purchase your supplements at LIVE WELL NATURAL MEDICINE or on FULLSCRIPT, you are supporting a small, local business. 

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